Our time in Broadstairs 2018

von | 16. Januar 2019 | Fahrten

Sunday July 7, to Sunday July 14, 2018

Our first day (Sunday):

We arrived there at 19:00 o’clock and our host family was already waiting for us. We didn’t do much, we only unpacked und talked a little bit with the host family.

On Monday:
We went to school and had to write a test, to check our level of English. It was easy for most of us. After the test – just like every following day – we had a break from 12:15 to 14:00 o’clock. Our teacher gave us the food vouchers for our daily lunch. At 2 pm we had to meet at the Clock Tower on the beach, because we had a city quiz. We also watched a film about how to stay safe in England. After the quiz we went to our host families for dinner. We stayed home from 5 pm to 8 pm, then we had Barn Dance Evening at Wellesley House till 10 pm.

On Tuesday:
We went to school, had our lunch break with some free time in Broadstairs and after that we gathered again to have a catch-up class for three hours. Later we had dinner at our host families. After that we went to the disco from 8 pm to 10 pm. It was amazing.

On Wednesday:
It took us two hours to go to London by bus. We took the Thames boat trip there and saw the Tower Bridge and other important sights. We also had a city tour with the KSE guides. Mrs Garcia made a challenge: Who will shoot the best picture of a pink taxi. After the city tour we had two hours of free time. We met again to go home at the Trafalgar Square. We took the boat back to Greenwich and the bus back to Broadstairs. It was one of my best days.

On Thursday:
Once more we had school with our lunch break. After that our program said: „Costal walk to Ramsgate (6 km)“ and it was so beautiful. At first we had to walk along the cliffs but on our way back we walked along the beach – barefoot in the sand. After the family dinner we met at in the evening for „Singalong“ with Nigel at Baptist Church Broadstairs.

On Friday:
We had the last time of English school. Our teacher was really sad about it but it was time. We had our nice lunch break and after that an activity-afternoon at the Wellesley House. It was really cool and we all enjoyed it. After that we went to our host families and had dinner. Then we had the beach party and it was really fun, because we all danced. The water was really cold and it was dark when the party ended. I was pretty sad about it. So we all went back to the host families and went to sleep.

On Saturday:
In the morning we drove to Canterbury. We also had a city tour with the KSE guides. It was really interesting. Then we had a lot of free time. It was nice but also quite long. We were really sad because it was the last day in England. But we all really had fun.

On Sunday:
We met at 6 am. I was really tired and sad that we had to leave. I really miss my host family. I hope I can see them again.

Finally I really want to thank Miss Garcia and Miss Jäger for this incredible time in England. It was one of the best times in my life. I would definitely go on this trip again.

Francesca Jasmin, 9b